Who Is Ideajuice?

Ideajuice is Pete Patterson in meatspace and on Facebook, and @Ideajuice and @OttawaPete on Twitter.

What does Ideajuice do?

Ideajuice Consulting currently specializes in Unity 3D game development and embedded development - writing device drivers for the QNX operating system for example or using an Arduino to reprogram a flash chip in place on a circuit board.

We are capable of many other types of work, not that we're bragging. Check out our Experience Map page to see the breadth of our experience and the depth of integration we are capable of doing. This website is an example of our work, including most of the graphics.

When was Ideajuice started?

Ideajuice has existed in various forms since about 2001. It began operating as a consulting firm around 2003, and has waxed and waned in activity over the years.

For many years, "Ideajuice Studios" has produced machinima using various platforms including Second Life, Moviestorm and iClone. We can produce machinima for your corporate or commercial video.

Why Unity 3D?

Unity 3D is an integrated development environment for making 3D games that will run on almost every platform there is.

We firmly believe that 3D hardware is so ubiquitous that it should be used for designing user interfaces. Having worked on desiginging the architecture of 2D windowing systems, it is simply far more efficient to use 3D hardware even if the end result is a 2D screen.

How do I contact Ideajuice?

You can connect and send me a message on Linked In, follow me on Twitter, or email ppatterson@ideajuice.com

I'm on Skype as ppatterson.ottawa

You can download a copy of my resume in Word format here:

Download Resume

Where is Ideajuice located?

Pete lives in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. He is everywhere though by virtue of the internet and virtual worlds.
Ottawa is also the home location of Brashworks Studios Inc., a small game and app publishing company he co-founded with Susan Ball and Keith Jaffray.