Bullet Golf

The idea is that you have a gun, and you drink a beer and toss the can down at the tee off. You plink the can with the gun until the can hits the 'target' and your score is the number of bullets it took to get it there.

As you shoot the can, it takes damage though and doesn't behave as predictably or go as far. You can deploy a fresh can if you have enough beers, but drinking too many beers too fast makes aiming difficult, but maybe you'll find an energy drink along the way and burn off some of the alcohol!.

Shoot the can that appears beween the two pylons to move it to the other end of the street. There is another pylon there with a flagpole and a particle system beacon. Get your can to touch the traffic cone, but watch out for the armed guard who is guarding the goal.

WASD - move, E - Equip gun, L-SHIFT - Run, 'C' - crouch, LMB - fire, RMB - Aim zoom

F - Interact (pick up can and drop it if stuck)