businesscardPeteI mentioned in passing last month that my offer to volunteer as a City Producer and bring the 48 Hour Film Project to the City of Ottawa for the first time had been accepted, but I knew that it would get lost in the holiday noise. The 48 Hour Film Project Headquarters in Washington, DC was also in Holiday mode as well as doing their year-end wrap up and focusing on producing the annual Filmapalooza event for all the city winners from 2013.

But things are now getting back to normal, and a lot of the mechanisms to work me in to the organization have worked themselves through and the ball is definitely rolling to bring this incredibly fun event to our fair city in 2014.

What is the 48 Hour Film Project?

It’s a lot of fun that a bunch of teams of filmmakers, actors, musicians, editors, writers and other creative people have during a hectic and creative whirlwind of a weekend, and which many more people get to enjoy the fruits of during the screenings and awards and interviews with the creators later on.

I have several other volunteers helping me and I would never have even volunteered without knowing that I could call on them for help. The first person I turned to was Shawna Tregunna, the founder of ReSoMe - a social media marketing and promotion company. Shawna was the lead voice actress in one of my 48 Hour Project entries of earlier years, so she is familiar with the event and how much fun it is to take part.

The other person I have helping so far is Kim Doel – a long time social media acquaintance and event organizer. Kim has already proven invaluable by obtaining quotes for theater rentals and contributing many great ideas for saving or raising money.

We haven’t finalized the date yes, but we’re looking at mid May. We haven’t nailed down the location either, but we hope to have that set soon.

We’re having a meeting at 6 PM next Tuesday January 14th at the Daily Grind on Somerset, but this is a meeting for volunteers who want to help organize and plan the event, not for people who just want to enter a team. If you want to help out or you can help out by all means let us know and show up next week!

We are also looking for sponsors. If your business caters to anyone involved in making films or videos, we will be getting our message in front of your audience and we welcome the chance to promote your brand in exchange for prizes for award winners, stuff to put in bling bags for competitors, printing services or whatever else might help us make this a successful event.

My personal goal is to create an event that outlasts my involvement and becomes a yearly part of the cultural fabric of Ottawa. The Tulip Festival, the Fringe Festival, the Animation Festival. If I can launch an event that people look forward to every year, that would go at the very top of my list of life accomplishments.

If anyone reading this would like to help please contact me at I’ll be very glad to hear from you.


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