I was looking at my résumé and trying to figure out how to simplify and organize it better and it struck me that the most important thing on it is not the list of things I have done or could do, but the list of things that I want to do – the things that interest me.

A recruiter or a potential client certainly isn’t going to type in a laundry list of skills to find the right candidate. They’re going to look for people who are  interested in and passionate about the kind of work that’s needed to solve a problem, and work out from there if the person can fit the role.

So for any given person, the ideal job is to be at the intersection of interesting things and that’s different for each of us. Once I started thinking along those lines, cleaning up my cluttered resume was easy. I can learn practically any technical skill that would be needed to do any job I would want to do so there’s no reason to make the skills the main highlight.

And once I started making the areas I’m passionate about the center of attention, I was able to list things that I would love to do, and am certainly capable of doing, but have never done for lack of an opportunity.

I know from a recent experience as volunteer Producer for the 48 Hour Film Project in Ottawa that passion can be a much more important criteria than experience in someone. I was fortunate to recruit a Twitter acquaintance named Kim Doel to help, and she has proven invaluable despite having not very much experience at coordinating events.

She’s a natural.

My role as City Producer is another example in fact. I thought it would be interesting to make the 48 Hour film Project happen here in Ottawa, and I’ll be darned if it’s not going to happen.

So here’s wishing any of you reading this that you always be at the intersection of interesting things, whatever that happens to mean to you.

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