dragonI recently had a chance to work with some extremely accomplished 3D artists on a product for Android using Unity 3D called Dragon Strike Live and it was quite an eye opener. These folks are used to working on feature films like Avatar, 2012, and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter but they decided to try their hand at making a mobile game and I got to help them with some of the coding.

It was pretty cool to work with people who can do serious 3D animation. Most game programmers have worked with humanoid characters and are able to do basic animations and modeling of humans, but arbitrary creatures are a different story, and full blown dragons are quite a complex rig.

Not only do these dragons look way awesome but the animations are totally kickass and mind blowing. I helped create the code that randomly sequences them and even after watching these critters romp around the screen for days I can still waste lots of time just watching the animations.

Check out http://motionlogicstudios.com to see what kind of other stuff these folks have done, and if you have an Android, check out the live wallpaper app at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.motionlogicstudios.dragons

I’m looking forward to working on future projects with these guys. Hopefully some of their talent will wear off on me!

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