So normally people make machinima using a game engine that was made to play a specific game. Machinima purists would argue that these are the only valid forms of machinima and all others are ‘CGI’ or computer animation.

There are however specific apps being made now that will create ‘machinima’, and there are also general purpose 3D worlds with user-generated content that are used to make machinima.

Well I wrote a special app using Unity to make one specific machinima, and that’s the apps only purpose. It’s now useless.

That may be a first. It’s certainly a first for me.

So without further comment, I present “Bass Xylophone” :

Bass Xylophone from CodeWarrior Carling on Vimeo.

Because I can. That’s the only reason.

This was made using a custom app I created with the Unity game engine. I had the idea for a Bass Xylophone and built it with a fish model and a simple script that scales the fish up and places it along a track like Xylophone bars.

You can play the Xylophone with a mouse or on touch device, but I’m not very good at playing the Xylophone so I got a Creative Commons MIDI file and the rest is history.

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