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What I was doing in the...

Machinima, iOS, Qt, Unity 3D, Blackberry, iClone, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Quadcopters, Consulting

Graphics Drivers, Bringing 24 bit color to QNX, Windowing Systems, Building VR Worlds, Active Worlds, Second Lives. Moar shinier spheres, but realtime. Consulting

Ray Tracing Shiny Spheres, Toasting Video, Bringing 24 Bit Color to Amiga, 2D Graphics , Hardware Acceleration, Loading Graphics File Formats, Consulting

Designing Electronics, Using Computers, Programming Computers, Programming Computers to Design Electronics, Designing Electronics to Program Computers, Selling Software, Consulting

Reading Books, Performing Magic, Building Electronics, Talking to people in South America on CB Radios as Casper the Ghost

Eating baby food, chillin in the crib, Growing teeth, riding bicycles, falling in creeks, breaking arms (my own). Books

Companies I Currently Work With

One of the problems with being an independent consultant is that you can't really talk about the coolest things you've done. Most of my embedded and RTOS work falls into this category.

So rest assured if you hire me to do stuff for you and I sign an NDA with you, your secrets are safe with me, much as I'd like to boast about solving your problems.

Simtarget makes a high end marksman training system featuring electronic rifles and high speed equipment wired up to a very powerful gaming machine and using a projection screen.

They are porting from another game engine to Unity 3D, and I am helping them learn the ropes in Unity and writing some of the AI scripts to control some of the targets in the game.

Motionlogic Studios normally does 3D work for feature films, but they are trying their hand at a mobile game and we helped them with their coding.

Their app is a Unity based live 3D wallpaper app for Android that depicts many dragons attacking a castle. The dragons and animations in this thing are fantastic and I am honored to be working with artists that have this much talent and experience. is the brainchild of Jordan Deitcher. Users submit prayers to a server including a text message, audio clip or image and they are displayed as sparks emanating from a beautifully rendered globe floating in space.

We are porting the app from a native iOS app to a Unity 3D app that will allow them to run on many more platforms and quickly grow their user base.

CodeEdge Inc. is the premiere QNX consulting firm in the world, bar none. They offer full service project management and the very best specialized QNX and BB10 based consulting. They can draw on many of the best QNX engineers in the business, most of them (myself included) former QNX architects and employees.

I am honored to work with them whenever their clients needs include QNX Photon graphics or other drivers.

In addition to being the sole proprietor of Ideajuice Consulting, I am also a co-founder of Brashworks Studios, Inc.

Brashworks Studios is a small three person company that is focussed on creating mobile entertainment apps for a more mature audience. We also partner with select companies to bring their games and apps to mobile devices.